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Our Purpose

  The driving force behind the Alexander Scott Collection is my heartfelt mission to contribute to various non-profits, collaborating closely with hospital social workers to directly aid families with children facing cancer battles. Having experienced the anguish of losing family members to cancer, including my uncle's fight against a terminal brain tumor and my aunt's battle with lymphoma and leukemia, I intimately understand the soul-crushing pain it inflicts. Witnessing countless families enduring similar struggles during hospital visits inspired me to seek a way to ease their daily hardships. Cancer not only brings emotional pain but also financial burdens, motivating me to align with organizations providing crucial financial support to these families. Our company goes a step further by personally assisting families not qualifying for standard financial aid. This personalized attention is made possible by the incredible community supporting our collection. Recognizing the ongoing need for research and effort to combat cancer, my vision encompasses creating rare and beautiful pieces that bring tranquility, alongside the goal of assisting as many families as possible in their cancer journey. A percentage of every Alexander Scott Collection piece sold contributes to our list of charities and community projects, reflecting our collective commitment to making a meaningful difference. Together, we can strive towards a brighter future in the face of this devastating disease.