Our "Soul" Purpose

   Welcome to the Alexander Scott Collection. I have created a line of custom, luxury bracelets, each hand made specifically for you. The bracelets can be made from quartz, amethyst, or other gemstones that are both beautiful and eclectic. I have chosen these stones based upon their mystique for releasing and absorbing energy, as well as for their healing qualities.

    My soul purpose for the Alexander Scott Collection is to be able to contribute to a variety of non-profit organizations. Like many, I come from a family that has endured the effects of cancer on those we love. In order to conquer this devastating disease, there is a great need for continuous work and research. My vision has been twofold: to create something rare and beautiful, bringing calmness to all; and to help win the war against cancer. Therefore, a percentage of each bracelet sold will be donated to our list of charities.

 I hope my collection inspires you! Together we can make a difference.

 Alexander Scott